In our workshops we aim to convey realistic and differentiated images of the cultures, languages and histories of Africa. We wish to expand the knowledge children, young adults, and adults have about Africa, and to increase in this way the appreciation for different cultures and environments. Dealing with Africa can help reducing subliminal fears of the ‘Other’, inspiring curiosity, and discovering the value of cultural plurality and diversity.

Chiala Afrika Festival

School workshop “Afrika Quiz”

Chiala is currently working on a project intending to provide students who are between 14 and 19 years old with an understanding of the history and diversity of the African continent.

Africa is characterized by the coexistence of modern life in the large African cities and the traditions of many different cultures. The Africa Quiz intends to convey Africa’s colourful plurality in a creative and playful way.

Target group: students

Drumming workshop – “African Percussions”

In our drumming course we will teach the basic rhythms and playing techniques. Our main aim is to teach you to use the instrument creatively, to convey the joy of collective drumming and to strengthen the confidence in your creativity. (We provide the Djembes.)

Target group: Students, young adults, adults

Preparing African food together

After a brief introduction into the basics of African cooking and the presentation of various typical ingredients and spices, the workshop leader will guide the participants in the preparation of a typical African dish. This will be accompanied by tropical fruits (seasonal) and self-made African teas. In addition, participants will be provided with recipes and helpful web links which will take them into the world of African specialities and encourage them to cook them at home.

Target group: Students, young adults, adults

City tour “African Graz”

This guided tour through the “African” Graz invites to discover the daily African life as it can be found in Graz. Participants will be made familiar with the circumstances and reasons that have made and still make Africans immigrate to Austria, and will get insights into their life in Graz. At the various stops of the tour (‘Square of human rights”, African shops and restaurants, projects and institutions that support African migrants, etc.) we will talk about the history, customs and culture of African migrants, as well as about the problems that these people have to struggle with in Graz.

Target group: Students, young adults, adults

Workshop “Anti-Racism”

This workshop deals with the history and the circumstances of the people on the African continent, as well as with the lives of Africans who have migrated to Austria. It will focus on the relationship between African realities and European/Austrian perceptions of Africa. It will provide insights into the African pasts and presents. This info-workshop intends to heighten the participants’ abilities for critical analysis, and to inspire interest in Africa and its people, cultures and arts. It will provide room for discussions concerning the topics of migration, integration, racism, and topics requested by the students.

Target group: Students, young adults, adults

Workshop “Diversity”

Our society is characterized by sociocultural diversity both in appearance and organisation. Comprehensive diversity competence on the basis of the legal order is therefore an educational objective for all people living in our society – regardless of gender, religion, age, ethnic-cultural categories, migratory background, etc. Considering this, we wish to provide a forum to allow for meeting and discussion in order to enable for reflexive conversation among people from various cultural and religious backgrounds. Topics will include circumstances of flight and migration, social issues, discrimination, everyday life, and basic human rights.

Target group: Students, young adults, adults

Right to be – Young refugees tell about their homeland and their present life in Graz

Why does a young person leave their home, family and friends to move to a foreign country? What do young refugees experience upon their arrival and what does their life in ‘foreign’ Austria look like? This workshop will deal with these questions and the question of what it means not to know the language and rules of a country, while being confronted with a legal process which decides if one is allowed to remain in Austria as a refugee. Young people from Africa will tell about their experiences in Austria, as well as about their culture and their homelands.

Target group: Students, young adults, adults

Our speakers:

The speakers and workshop leaders were born in Africa, have been living in Austria for many years and have many years of experience working with children and young adults.

Workshop registration:

Costs, dates and place of the workshop can be individually adapted to your requirements.

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