In the context of the social counselling at Chiala we aim to contribute to the inclusion of migrants (especially of African origin) into Austrian society. For this reason we offer barrier-free support and company in regards to the various areas of everyday life (work, living, law, education, etc.). This assistance takes form in personal counselling exchanges in the Chiala offices. In order to facilitate access and to be able to address every challenge, we offer informal and spontaneous counsel at specific times with and without advance notification.

The aim and the principle of our social counselling is to help people help themselves. We provide information for our clients and offer support in form of proved and tested action strategies to enable them to handle future challenges as independently as possible. Primarily we address problems that are repeatedly brought to our attention from different sides.


The intention of the social counselling at Chiala is to provide everyday-assistance to people with migratory backgrounds which eases the negotiation of a culturally foreign environment. Specifically, we offer support in a variety of situations, ranging from the simple translation of documents, help with the search for jobs and accommodation, counsel in questions regarding migration, to, if necessary, the escort to offices. All in all, our social counselling includes the following aspects:

Counsel, company and support with the challenges of everyday life

  • Housing and work
  • Family counselling
  • Intermediation between people and public institutions
  • Legislation and migration
  • Interpretation and translation
  • Referral to other counselling organisations