CHIALA – New Possibilities on the job market in Cameroon

CHIALA has always wanted to take action in Africa. This year a second organization was founded in Douala, Cameroon, which will help Cameroonians in their job seeking.

This is why we need YOUR support! Projects like these, especially when they are still in an early stage, are difficult to finance. In order to ensure an access for everybody to our services, we want to keep the participation fees as low as possible. We are therefore looking for a financial contribution from friends, fans and other supporters of the project.

Here you can find our Crowdfunding campaign, including details about our project and the budget we need. We are grateful for every donation – big or small. Every euro brings us one step closer to the realization of our project!

Brief summary of the project

CHIALA-Douala aims at giving people in Cameroon new perspectives. Many of them flee their home country for economic reasons and do not hesitate to put their lives in danger to travel to Europe. This project would therefore help reduce the flood of refugees coming from politically safe countries in Africa. Although Cameroon is a country with a high economic growth, it also has a very high underemployment rate. 42% of the working population earns less than 2$ per day and the chances of living a better life are low. The migration linked to this problem leads to a so-called “Brain Drain”: qualified people leave Cameroon although their presence is necessary for building up and helping their own country.


CHIALA-Douala was founded with the goal to help people find an adequate job in Cameroon. However, the job seekers also have the possibility to acquire new skills by taking part in different trainings offered by the organization. Reports of African emigrants’ experience will inform potential migrants about human trafficking and the unfulfillable expectations many have of Europe. Moreover, an online platform for  jobseekers as well as for employers will make the job market more transparent and the job search more effective.