Culinary delights from West Africa – we provide your event with a special flavour!

We offer catering with typical African food of your choice for diverse occasions such as weddings, symposia, and birthday parties.

Chiala Afrika Festival

Below you can find a selection of our delicious dishes for your event:


Makalas (sweet fried dough balls)

Pilli Pilli with meat (filled dumplings)

Pilli Pilli with vegetables

Pilli Pilli with fish

Fried Plaintain

Selfmade Peanutbutter creme and bread 

Fruitplate with exotic fruits (Papaya, Ananas, Mango etc.)

WARM BUFFET – Catering


Purée d’avocat (salad with avocado)

Pili Pili with vegetables, fish or meat

Main dishes

Sauce d’arachide (Peanut sauce)

Haricots frits (Bean sauce)

Sauce aux légumes (Vegetable sauce)

Viande de boeuf sautée à la tomate (Beef with tomato sauce)

Viande de poulet sautée à la tomate (Chicken with tomato sauce)

Poisson braisé (Fried Fish)

Side dishes

White rice

Vegetable rice


Plaintain bananas


Compote with fresh fruits

Fried plaintain bananas


Fresh exotic fruits

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