Café Global

Relating to Africa

It is one of Chiala’s main concerns to promote the societal participation of people with migratory backgrounds and to thus improve the living together in Graz and Styria.

Now we go a step further…

Cooperation “Café Global”

“Café Global” is the cooperation of Chiala with various cultural institutions with the intention to make Africa visible in the cultural landscape of Graz, as well as to raise consciousness for the complexity of cultural forms of expression. For this reason, for 2016 we have organised a series of events with a focus on Africa, in which artists with migratory backgrounds will deal with the political and historical contexts of current developments in Africa.

The aim of “Café Global” is to create a space in Graz for Africa and its diversity.

This year’s cooperation partners will include such institutions as the Kunsthaus Graz, the Literaturhaus, the Schauspielhaus und die Werkstadt Graz and others.