German Language Courses

Knowing the language is crucial to participate in social life in Austria.

Therefore,we decided to organize German language courses for migrants and refugees to offer them an affordable and professional alternative to traditional services, which are often difficult to access. There are constantly held German courses.

The next courses are:

A1.1 29.5. - 11.7.
A1.2 22.5. - 05.7.
A1.2+ 9.5. - 26.5.
A2.1 30.5. - 11.7.
(Time and venue will be announced soon!)

about 50€ per course (except A1.2+ = 30€), including the book

For further information please contact lisa.seiringer[at], or 0316 724683 or come directly to the office (Griesplatz 13) from Monday to Wednesday from 9:00 to 12:00.

Impressions of the first German course in June 2016.

German course
Impressions of the first Chiala German course, June 2016, Chiala
eigenes Foto, Chiala, August 2016
Impressions of the second Chiala German cource, August 2016, Chiala
eigenes Foto, Chiala, August 2016
second Chiala German course, August 2016, Chiala